web design
I've been designing and developing websites for over fifteen years. From large scale web applications to microsites and everything in between I've designed it. I've worked with small, mid-sized and large business.
graphic design
Logo design, business cards, ads for magazines, web banners and branding are just a few of the things I've created. Typography, color theory, balance, and layout are utilized intellegently and tastefully to deliver your identity and message.
Digital vector illustration and traditional illustration using analog tools is one of my specialties. I'm very passionate about illustration and it's what I started my career doing.
web development
As I worked through my career doing web design and building websites I learned more and more about development and programming. Over the years I've acquired a vast amount of knowledge and experience doing software development. Front end development is my specialty however I've worked with backend technologies quite a bit too.
generative art
Could anything be cooler than art generated with pure code? I've worked on various applications for generative art including data vizualization. I've mapped my own brainwaves to code that generated art. I've written generative art code for the XBox. I love it! I've worked with ProcessingJS a lot recently, before that Flash and ActionScript.
traditional art
I'm an artist at heart and have been for most of my life. I always excelled in art classes in school and participated in extra carricular art classes and workshops outside of school. I've had my work featured in galleries and on websites. I've also been commisioned to create large scale pieces for businesses and friends.